Kovsted & Skovgård

Kovsted & Skovgård is an independent state authorised public accountancy  firm.

The accountancy firm was established in 1981 and has offices located in Aarhus, Ebeltoft and Roende.

Kovsted & Skovgård is organised as a public limited company (P/S) and employs more than 50 persons, of which 12 are partners.

Our customers are small and  medium-sized enterprises within practically all sectors.

Our primary services are

  • Audit
  • Accountancy
  • Tax etc.
  • Business Advisory
  • Corporate Finance
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Growth and Profit Solutions – Business diagnostic
  • Insolvency and Recovery
  • Management Consultancy
  • Risk Management

Nationally, we are members of the Danish Institute of State Authorised Public Accountants.

Furthermore, we are a member of RevisorGruppen Danmark which is a national association comprising 22 Danish state authorised public accountancy firms. The members of this association are independent firms which are locally owned and managed. The association's member firm offices are located throughout Denmark, and in total more than 1,700 persons are employed, of which approximately 250 persons are state authorised public accountants.

We are also associated with the respected tax advisory firm Revitax in Copenhagen by which we have the possibility of providing special tax advice at a very high level.

Internationally, we are a member of the global business network TGS. TGS is a dynamic global accountancy and legal network of independent firms specialising in the provision of accounting, audit, tax, business advisory and commercial legal services. Currently operating with 46 members from 42 countries, the network’s global footprint is expanding rapidly. The cross-border service offering, business approach and sector expertise is primarily designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises, or organisations of equivalent scale, with existing or planned international operations.

Should you consider doing business in Denmark or otherwise need our assistance in any respect, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone +45 7022 0999 or